Pricing Guidelines

Prices on our Bengal kittens varies depending on multiple factors.  The largest determining factor on the price is whether the Bengal kitten is rosetted or marbled.  Marbled Bengal kittens are less expensive than rosetted kittens for one reason only and that is that they do not have spots/rosetting. Everything else about a marble kitten is the same as a rosetted. They are very unique in their own right.  Their coats are so luxurious to the touch. A marble Bengal kitten cannot truly be appreciated until you feel for yourself.  They have the same Bengal personalities as their rosetted counterparts.  Other factors that are used in determining the price of a kitten include how well they meet breed standards and the overall beauty of their patterns. 

Marbled Bengal kittens’ price starts out at $750 and usually does not exceed $1000. Rosetted Bengal kittens’ pricing  ranges from $1400-$2000.  These are just general guidelines on the pricing of our Bengal kittens and should be used only as a determining factor to decide if a Bengal kitten from Jensayla Bengals can fit within your budget.  Prices may vary from the given ranges as kittens are all evaluated and priced individually.  

All of the following are included in our price: 

  • All age appropriate vaccinations
  • Microchip with paid lifetime registration included
  • Spay/neuter – ( all of our pet kittens are spayed/neutered prior to leaving us)
  • TICA and CFA registration papers
  • Vet checked and tested negative for FIV/FeLV
  • Tested negative for parasites on fecal examination
  • 2 year congenital health guarantee included in contract
  • Toy and blanket
  • Lifetime of breeder support.  We strive to stay in contact with all of our clients that have a Jensayla Bengals kitten and we love receiving updates and pictures

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards through PayPal as forms of payment. 

*The above pricing information relates only to the placement of pet Bengal kittens.  We do place kittens into select approved breeding programs.  Must be registered with TICA and/or CFA to be considered. 

Litter Announcements & Kitten Availability 


Medal Of Honor



Ferox Kiara

Due 4/24/17

We are very excited to announce that our homegrown girl, Kiara, is expecting her first litter of kittens.  This litter could potentially have Brown, Lynx and Mink kittens. They could be rosetted or marbles.  Contact us if you are interested in reserving a  kitten from this litter and would like more information or have questions for us.



Medal Of Honor


Painted Cats

Pandora’s Heart

Born 3/11/17

Pandora has given birth to 4 beautiful bengal kittens. She had one brown marble male, one lynx rosetted male, one lynx rosetted female and one mink rosetted female. These bengal babies are just stunning! They will be ready to leave us the first weekend of June. 


All kittens from this litter have been reserved.


Lynx Rosetted Male ~ Reserved for 

Rebecca & Joe

Brown Marble Male 

Reserved for Charlotte

Lynx Rosetted Female

Reserved for Ari

Mink Rosetted Female

Reserved for 

Bailey & Charlie


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