Painted Cats

Pandora’s Heart

Pandora comes to us from Painted Cats in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are thrilled that Jim has allowed us to have this amazing female as a part of our program. Pandora has a super soft and luxurious coat accented by heart shaped rosettes on both sides of her body. This feminine touch perfectly matches this girl’s sweet and loving personality.  She has the most amazing, sympathetic eyes. Her eyes and puffy whisker pads and nicely rounded ears give this girl a very wild and exotic look.  Her stunning eyes are passed on to her bengal kittens more often than not. Pandora is an amazing mother to her babies and is also the matriarch in the house. 

Pandora is PK N/N: Click for test result

She carries for snow (seal lynx point): Click for coat test result

Bengal PRA N/N: Click for test result

Pandora’s Pedigree

Elysor Bengals

Elysor Enchanted Grace

Gracie comes to us from Elysor Bengals in Montreal Canada. Gracie has the most amazing temperament! She is a total love bug and constantly wants to be in your lap. She is also quite mischievous and is always finding something to get into. We are very excited about the addition of this girl to our program and can’t wait to see the kittens she produces. Many thanks to Elena for allowing Gracie to be the second cat to join our program from Elysor Bengals.

Grace is PK N/N: Click for test result

She carries the Asian Leopard Cat agouti gene APb & Sepia:
Click here for test result

Bengal PRA N/N: Click here for test result

Grace’s Pedigree

Jensayla Bengals

 Ferox Kiara

Kiara is our first homegrown girl.  Her parents are Prismatic Chief Benefactor and PaintedCats Pandora’s Heart. As Kiara grew we knew we just had to keep her.  She is a long and lean girl with phenomenal coloring.  She has great contrast and an amazing chin.  She received the best of Benny and Pandora’s traits.  She is a feisty girl with a take no prisoner attitude, but at the end of the day she is one of the first to climb into a lap and start kneading away with her motor running.

PK Def N/N by parentage

Kiara carries Seal Lynx – Click for Test Result

Bengal PRA N/N by parentage

Kiara’s Pedigree

 Painted Cats


Paisley is our 2nd bengal queen from Jim at PaintedCats Bengals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She also happens to be our beloved Pandora’s niece. Her mother is Pandora’s sister and littermate, PaintedCats Menina Simpatica.  Paisley also possesses the beautiful sympathetic eyes. Their intense gold color give Paisley a very wild appearance that we love so much. 

PK Def N/K  ~ Paisley is a carrier for PK Def. In order for a bengal cat to develop PK Deficiency they must be K/K.  Our studs are all N/N, therefore Paisley can only produce N/N and N/K kittens from our boys. Any bengal kittens that will go into breeding programs will be tested by UC Davis prior to leaving us.

Paisley carries Asian Leopard Cat agouti APb

Bengal PRA N/N 

Paisley’s Pedigree