Frequently Asked Questions & Pricing Information

 Our Process

We take the first 4-6 weeks of each new litter to evaluate each kitten individually. We then will set a price for each available kitten and categorize each kitten as one of the following: Available for reservation to a pet home, Pending further evaluation before a final decision is made, available for reservation as a breeder/show prospect to an approved program or not available/holding back for our program. We will place breeder/show prospects that are available into pet homes as well. We work almost exclusively off of our waiting list but will also occasionally have kittens still available.

Brown Rosetted (Traditional Bengal Color/Pattern): $1600-$2400

Charcoal Rosetted: $2000-$2750

Snow Rosetted: $2000-$2750

Charcoal Snows: $2500-$3000

These are just general guidelines on the pricing of our Bengal kittens and should be used only as a determining factor to decide if a Bengal kitten from Jensayla Bengals can fit within your budget. Although most kittens will fall within the given price range,  prices may vary from the given ranges as kittens are all evaluated and priced individually at our discretion.

Waiting List Information

A $200 fully refundable deposit will reserve your place in line for the order of kitten picks as litters are made available.  Our waiting list deposit is refundable because it is our desire to have our clients be fully satisfied in their ultimate choice of a kitten to add to their family.  The deposit remains refundable up until the point that a kitten is chosen.  Once a kitten is chosen the $200 waiting list deposit is applied towards our $500 Reservation Deposit and at which point all monies paid for deposit become non refundable.  Our order of kitten picks is established by the order in which we receive the waiting list deposit.  Once it is your turn to choose a kitten there are multiple options for you to choose from. You can go ahead and reserve a kitten that is available at which point the balance of the full reservation deposit is due, you can choose to pass to the next or even a future litter or you can choose to have your waiting list deposit refunded. If you have any questions about how our waiting list works please contact us.

All of the following are included in our price:

  • All age appropriate vaccinations
  • Microchip with paid lifetime registration included
  • Spay/neuter – ( all of our pet kittens are spayed/neutered prior to leaving us)
  • TICA and/or CFA registration papers
  • Vet checked and tested negative for FIV/FeLV
  • Tested negative for parasites on fecal examination
  • 2 year congenital health guarantee included in contract
  • Toy and blanket
  • Lifetime of breeder support.  We strive to stay in contact with all of our clients that have a Jensayla Bengals kitten and we love receiving updates and pictures

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards through SquarePay as forms of payment.

*The above pricing information relates only to the placement of pet Bengal kittens.  We do place kittens into select approved breeding programs.  Must be registered with TICA and/or CFA to be considered. 

What is the process for reserving a Bengal kitten?   We first work off our waiting list when it is time to pick kittens from a litter. If there are any kittens remaining after going through our waiting list then these kittens would be posted as available on our website and they can be inquired upon specifically.

What are the details about your waiting list deposit?   Our waiting list deposit process is unique compared to what most other breeders offer. First and foremost it is fully refundable at any time and for any reason up until the time that a kitten is chosen. We want our clients to find exactly what they are looking for in a Bengal kitten and to not have to settle for anything less just because they have already invested in a non refundable deposit. The fee to be added to our waiting list is $200. We maintain an active list of who is on our waiting list, their position in line on the list and what specifically they may be looking for in a Bengal kitten. You can be on the waiting list for as long as you would like to be while waiting for the purr~fect Bengal kitten. This means you can pass on the kittens from an available litter for a future litter. This can be done as many times as you choose to do so. Your position on the waiting list never falls, it only can increase as those ahead pick their Bengal kittens. If you no longer want to be on the waiting list and want to be refunded the $200 you just need to notify us and it will be refunded right away. Do note, that if you choose to be refunded then decide later you want to be back on the waiting list you will have to start back over at the lowest position. Once you have chosen a kitten your waiting list deposit will be applied towards the reservation deposit and at that point becomes non refundable.

How is the waiting list deposit different from the reservation deposit?   Our waiting list deposit for Bengal kittens is fully refundable up until the time that a kitten is chosen. At this time the waiting list deposit is applied towards the total of the reservation deposit. The total reservation deposit for a rosetted kitten is $500. So, if you have a $200 waiting list deposit in place then at the time you choose a kitten you will need to pay an additional $300 to be at $500. This reserves a specific kitten to you. Therefor, once a kitten is reserved the full d=reservation deposit beofrome non refundable since you are reserving a specific kitten for yourself and that Bengal kitten will be listered as reserved.

How is the order of kitten picks established?   Kitten picks are done between 4-5 weeks of age on average.  From the time a litter of Bengal kittens arrives we begin the process of evaluating the kittens.  By the time they have reached 4-5 weeks we will have a price set on each kitten as well as whether they are available or pending further evaluation.  Sometimes we are looking to keep a kitten back from a particular breeding for our own program or another breeding program. Although we sell very few kittens with breeding rights,  we do like for our pet clients to be fully informed at all times. When we are ready to begin picks we will notify everyone on the waiting list and send pictures and/or videos of the kittens and the price for each kitten as well.  We start at the top of the waiting list and go from there. Each of our clients will have 24 hours to decide either to pass on the litter or choose a kitten. If absolutely necessary the 24 hours can be extended to 48 hours maximum. 

How do you determine the price of each kitten?  Many factors go into determining the price of each kitten. We look at how well each kitten meets the breed standard set forth by both CFA and TICA. We show our cats as often as we can so breed standard is important to us. We also evaluate the kittens based on their color and pattern. We set forth a general range of prices on our kitten page but this is not a set in stone range. Some kittens may fall below the average while some may be above.  We do not ever sell a non breeding quality kitten into a breeding home but we will sell a breeding quality kitten into a pet home and the price of the kitten will reflect this quality. We believe very strongly that our kittens are priced fairly and  in alignment with other breeders producing the quality of kittens that we do.  

Do you allow visits to your cattery/home?  We do allow visits to our home/cattery. It must be a scheduled visit as our Bengal breeding program is done within our home.  We raise our cats and kittens inside our home as part of our day to day family interactions.  So not only would you be welcomed into our cattery but also into our home as well. We do not allow kittens to be handled by anyone outside of our family and clients that have reserved kittens until kittens have reached 9 weeks of age. Clients with a paid deposit can visit with kittens at 7 weeks of age. 

At what age can I take my Bengal kitten home?  Kittens are ready to leave us at a minimum of 12 weeks of age. 

Will my kitten be spayed/neutered before leaving you?  Yes. All pet kittens will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving us. No exceptions. 

Will my kitten have a microchip?   Yes. All kittens have a microchip that is recognized worldwide.  Our microchips come with a lifetime registration already paid. 

Will my kitten have received any vaccinations before leaving you?   Each kitten will have received two doses of FVRCP before leaving us. The will still need their last dose of FVRCP and Rabies vaccinations at approximately 15-16 weeks of age. 

Do you ship kittens?   We prefer that kittens be picked up in our home so that you may meet the parents as well as get an idea of how your kitten grew up the first 12 weeks of its life. We do understand, though, that sometimes this isn’t possible.. Therefore, we do offer shipping within the contiguous United States for $350 which includes the airfare, health certificate and carrier. We primarily use Delta Cargo for our shipping needs. We can ship outside of the contiguous United States as well. Contact us for a quote.  We also can fly with your kitten in cabin and deliver directly to you for the cost of the airfare, pet fee and a flat fee for our time to do so. We can provide a quote for this service upon request.

What kind of health guarantee do you offer? Our health guarantee is outlined within our contract. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our health guarantee.


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