Elysor Bengals

Medal of Honor

Medal came to us from Elena at Elysor Bengals in Montreal Canada. Medal is a mink bengal. He is a very large and muscular bengal. He has great horizontal flow to his pattern and thick short tail. Medal has a great head with prominent whisker pads and a very strong chin. He is the quieter of our two stud bengals. He has a sweet little chirp of a meow that sounds funny coming from such a strong Bengal stud. We cannot say enough wonderful things about this boy and are very grateful to Elena for allowing him to come to us. Medal will sire the first snow kittens to be born at Jensayla Bengals.


Jensayla Bengals

Endless Possibilities ~ Raphi

Raphi is our very own born and raised stud cat. We knew he was a special kitten soon after he was born and once all of his genetic testing was complete we knew he was staying with us.  Not only does Raphi carry all of the genetics for producing beautiful rosetted kittens in an array of colors but he has the most sweet and loving disposition I have every seen in a stud cat. Raphi loves everyone and wants to be the center of attention at all times.  Our pride in this cat runs deep to core of who we are as breeders.