Jensayla Bengal Kittens - Testimonials

Jensayla Bengal Testimonials

Read stories from families that have welcomed Jensayla Bengal kittens into their homes!

After researching for the perfect Bengal breeder, we found Jensayla Bengals. We could not be happier with our experience. From the first time my fiancé contacted Jill, she was happy to answer all of our questions and concerns (and we had a lot). She walked us through every step of the process, and provided us with all of the information we needed, before bringing our kitten home.

Once we picked out our new baby, she sent pictures, videos and updates to keep us well informed on his life and growth. When we finally went to pick up our little guy, Charlie, it felt like we had known Jill for years. Her house is like a cat heaven, and she made us feel like family.

Charlie has been the most amazing cat, and I know that is because of how he was raised and treated his first few months. Charlie has a great temperament, a beautiful coat, and a wonderful personality. We never worried once about bringing Charlie home to live with us and our 2 1/2 year old son. Jill’s children play with the cats all the time, so I knew Charlie would be fine with our family.

Kitten Testimonial - Charlie - Owner's Brian and Whitney  Kitten Testimonial - Charlie - Owner's Brian and Whitney  Kitten Testimonial - Charlie - Owner's Brian and Whitney

I’m sure, sometimes, getting an animal from someone is just getting an animal, but through our experience with Jensayla (Jill) we have gained a “furr”ever friend. She has gone above and beyond all our expectations. We would not trade Charlie for the world, and we would never even think about getting a Bengal from anyone other than Jensayla Bengals.

— Brian and Whitney

First of all let me say that we have so much loved our experience with Jensayla Bengals. Our daughter, Tanna, has always wanted a cat. Since cats shed so much, I always told her no. With Christmas coming up we wanted to get her a cool present, since our wiener dog wasn’t cozying up with her. We found out that high quality bengals didn’t shed hardly any. We started researching the breed and found out you really need to be prepared for a bengal. We were ready for the challenge. Talked to a couple of breeders here in Kentucky and didn’t get a real good feel for them. I found Jenasyla on the TICA website. I got in contact with Jill Smith, the breeder, and had a very lengthy conversation with her. She just so happened to have a litter ready for Christmas. Jill was very helpful in picking out a female for us. We sent texts back and forth and she shared some short videos of her kittens. The deal was done. She had picked out the perfect match for us.

Since it was a surprise gift, we had a lot of things to get before we brought her home without Tanna finding out. Jill sent a list of some things that were essential. From toys to food. Food being very important to the well being of your kitten. Jill and her family have a lot of interaction with her litters. That’s very important. On the 23rd of December we made the 2.5 hour drive to pick up Tanna’s treasure. She still had no clue what we doing. We walked in and Jill had our kitten wrapped up with a blanket and Christmas bow. The look on Tanna’s face was one of disbelief and excitement. We named her “Aizha”. We wore Jill out with texts and calls the next few weeks about things we needed help with. Jill is amazing. Always checking up on us and never getting tired of me asking questions.

                                 Kitten Testimonial - Aizha - Owners Sandy, Tonya, Wanna

As you can tell we love our new addition to our family. She sleeps with Tanna every night. She took to our dog Kirby very well thanks to Jill helping us on getting them aquatinted. We look forward to getting another one sometime in the near future. If anyone is interested in getting a bengal, reach out to Jill at Jensayla, and she will be more than happy to help you out.

Thanks Jill!

— Sandy, Tonya & Tanna

I can’t say enough or know where to begin expressing my love for Jensayla Bengals. I have gotten 4 Bengals from Jill. All 4 are exceptional. Her home set up is one in a million. All her cats and kittens live in the house as part of their family. I love going to her house to visit! She has the best set up imaginable. 

She has two daughters that play a major roll also. They LOVE all the cats and kittens. They have cried every time I leave with one. Jill, her husband Tarry and two daughters are so wonderful to work with. Jill has become a great friend of mine and I’m so blessed our paths have crossed. And, I’m so in love with my Bengals!


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— Sandi


About 2 years ago, I began to think about adding a cat to our household of one Tonkinese named Haku. I began to research numerous breeds and was really intrigued by Bengals. I began to look for breeders to visit. In my search, I found Jensayla Bengals in Georgetown, KY. I had already visited several places when I met Jill Smith. The difference at Jensayla was that all cats/kittens are totally socialized with the family including a dog. Jill was available for home visits and messaging back and forth with questions and progress of the kittens. I never thought that I would make a friend in the process. This has been an amazing experience for me. I ended up with two kittens and could not be happier. They have come easily into my household and are constant fun. Bengals are smart, clever and sweet as sugar. I love Lottie Moon and Lily Joon. I can say without reservation that I have never seen such a beautiful family of cats (and people) all living in what I refer to as the Kitty Cat Castle of Kentucky.



— Kim K.